Digital Expertise: Data-based Planning & Execution


JH specialises in creating and implementing digital strategies to enable owners of public and private assets to maximise revenues from strategic partnerships with brands.

We work with brands to identify the potential that can be delivered through digital marketing, creating bespoke strategies that enable full potential to be achieved.

We have created a ground-breaking new set of data analysis tools, providing the platform to execute market-leading programmatic campaigns. We're able to collate highly rich data off the back of our campaigns, helping inform your business planning and product development decisions. 




dynamic audience creation

Audience insights form the fore of our programmatic campaigns. We achieve optimal performance based on custom-built travel audiences. We have exclusive access to over 100 million traveller profiles in South East Asia, giving us rich travel data and added programmatic advantage. This is all collected and organised within our bespoke travel data platform, where we can segment and create a multitude of relevant audience lists for campaigns.


real time ad targeting

Through our data-management platform we're able to successfully reach brands' most valuable customers, across device and in contextually key environments. We organise our audience segments in a way that our specialised teams can readily and accurately target key audiences and increase the impact of brand advertising. Acting on our audience insights, we can target customers across device, at the right time and in the right environment. 


effective measurement and reporting

Within our unique reporting suit we're able effectively evaluate media investments, using real-time insights to inform and improve our media strategies. Understanding the impacts of our trading desk's optimisations through accurate reporting is integral to understanding our target audience. Understand your customer better with extensive insights delivered by the JH travel intelligence platform.